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A: KULA KUKU YA NOEIL is a lottery promotion brought to you by Econet leo that allows prepaid customers who recharge using scratch cards, EVD units or via EcoCash to win a prize at scheduled draws every day, every week, every month. However, each customer has a daily recharge target which allow him/her to enter the draws.


Q2: Who is the KULA KUKU YA NOELI promotion designed for?

A: The promotion is for any prepaid customer of Econet leo who recharges and/or exceeds his/her daily target. The targets of each customer are obtained by dialing * 123 #. Recharges must be made by scratch cards, by EVD Uzuza, or by EcoCash. Transfers between prepaid customers are not registered.


Q3: How do you activate Kula kuku ya Noel?

A: There is no particular activation code. To participate in the KULA KUKU promotion, just recharge airtime using scratch cards, EVD Uzuza, or EcoCash up to and above your daily target


Q4: How much does it cost?

A: There is no activation fee. Each prepaid customer charges units through scratch cards, by EVD Uzuza, or by EcoCash. Note that the airtime remains in your phone for personal use.


Q5: How many points do you have to win?

A: KULA KUKU YA NOELI is a raffle draw. The daily draw considers all the numbers that have managed to reach and/or exceed their respective daily targets. The more times you exceed your daily target, the higher the likely win. To have more entries in the draw system, it is necessary to recharge more.


Q6: What are the prizes to win?

A: The prices to be won are diversified. There include: Chickens, Phones, airtime and rice as daily prizes and Bicycle and goats as weekly prizes. The promotion will end on 30th December 2018


Q7: How prize will be distributed?

A: There will be daily prices, weekly prices. KULA KUKU is a countrywide promotion. Winners will be picked in each province every day you will have 180 winners Country wide.


Q8: How to know that you are among the winners?

A: At the end of the day, Econet leo will hold a draw to determine the winners of the day. Then winners will be called with a special number 123. Indeed, each head of region will be responsible for awarding prizes each week respectively in the regions they manager.


Q9: How will the winners get their prize?

A: The awards will be distributed in all the provinces by the Heads of regions. The winners will be informed on the venue for prize collections.


Q10: Are the targets cumulative?

A: No targets do not accumulate. They are daily.


Q11: How to check the daily targets?

Rep: To see your own daily target, just dial * 123 # OK, information on the promotion will be displayed on your screen. You can dial * 123 # OK as many times as you want and there are no charges.


Note: Postpaid customers do not participate in the promotion because they do not recharge in advance. Only prepaid customers who recharge will benefit from the KULA KUKU YA NOELI promotion.

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